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Your Contribution

We invite you to be part of this fulfilling and rewarding work, by contributing with articles, documents and relevant finds of your own, thus help further the research and generate a better perspective of Freemasonry.


We value professional work and an authentic approach on the history of our Order, so that the findings and ideas we bring to the public are always backed up by documents and a in depth study, eliminating any controversy and suspicions. 

Ways to contribute:

- submitting masonic documents;

- sharing your findings in masonic or public archives, relevant to our subject;

- presenting articles and deliver presentations at our annual conferences;

- offer access and support to masonic archives, private or public;

Open Books Scripta Masonica


Guidelines for

submiting an article

The articles submitted are to be of reasonable size (at least 2000 words), according to the proposed subject. The information provided needs to be relevant, original, first time published, and well written.


Images may be included, but the writer of the article needs to obtain the necessary permissions for all the materials added to the article and indicate their source.


The articles sent must address relevant topics regarding the history of Freemasonry, comparative ritualism, the history and evolution of rites, Masonic archives and libraries, Masonic esotericism, etc. The materials sent must be based on personal studies based on original archival documents, manuscripts, unpublished but verifiable sources, etc.


The article should be sent in the following format:


​- doc/docx; pdf.


- Times New Roman font 12pt for the body, 16pt Bold for the title, 14pt bold for subtitles.


- The footnotes and bibliography are mandatory and should respect the Harvard referencing system.


The article must be accompanied by a summary in a language other than that used to write the material, among those currently used in the Scripta Masonica project: English, Romanian, Russian, French, German, Italian, or Latin.


The article must be accompanied by information about the author and his contact details.


The article submitted will be reviewed by our scientific board and further additions or clarifications may be asked to be done by the writer. The information and material published need to uphold the standards of SM publications.


Once the article is selected to be published, it becomes the property of SM and can be republished in other places only with the indication of the number, year, and pages it was published in the SM Journal.


For any inquiries, please Contact Us

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