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frequently asked questions

Is Scripta Masonica linked to any masonic organization?

No. Scripta Masonica is an independent research project, welcoming everyone, regardless of their masonic affiliation, or lack of one.

How can I join?

You can become a subscriber by filling out the form and purchasing a subscription that fits your interest.

Can anyone subscribe to Scripta Masonica?

Yes. If you are a Mason or not, belonging to any masonic organization or none, if you are interested in Masonic history and archival materials, you can subscribe to Scripta Masonica and

you will enjoy what it will bring you.

Is Scripta Masonica a masonic organization?

No. Scripta Masonica is not a masonic organization, it is a study and research center dedicated to Freemasonry.

Do we publish any Masonic "Secrets"?

No. The most important Secret in Freemasonry is the individual experience of each Mason, their feelings and how membership touches their lives. That can not ever be published, as no words can really describe someones true and deepest feelings. 

How can I submit an article?

You can submit your article via e-mail at:

Please use the guidelines provided HERE

Our editorial comity will analyse your article and if it meets the criteria of our interests and standards, we will be honoured to have you as part of Scripta Masonica Journal.

Can anyone attend the conferences?   

Yes. Our activity is opened to anyone as long as there is a sincere interest in the history of Freemasonry and you are passioned about it. 

For more information please contact or team at: 

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