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What we offer

1.  Archiving services - sorting, founding, ordering, selection, inventory of archival units. Each customer and offer is treated individually. The method of organizing the archival units is chosen together with the owner based on his priorities and needs. When we talk about the archiving of Masonic documents, we refer to the specifics of Freemasonry, namely the prioritization of archiving, preservation, and management of units classified according to their degree of accessibility both for the general public or exclusively for their owners.

2.  Listing archival and library units - Compilation of library catalogues and archival funds following the presentation on site. Whether natural or legal person, state or private institution, each case will be treated with discretion and professionalism. In parallel with the listing service, the most useful tips will be offered in order to organize the library or archive. 

3.  Archival research - undertaking advanced research on pre-established topics in archival institutions in any country, at the client's request. Obtaining the necessary data from both public and private archive institutions and libraries. In each case, an action plan will be developed that will be exposed to the client first, based on the possibilities but also its requirements. There are no standard work schemes, each case is treated individually.

4.  Paleographic services - deciphering old texts, manuscripts, dating, and establishing their authenticity. The dating and establishing the authenticity of the pieces will be done by specialists in the field and the certificates of authenticity will be offered by authorized issuers.

5.  Translation services - translation of materials related to Freemasonry or other initiatory orders, from any language, from any historical period. Depending on the complexity of the texts, in some cases, it will be necessary to first transcribe the texts and decipher them. Only later will it be possible to translate them. Each time, the necessary measures will be exposed to the client.

6.  Transcription services - transcription of handwritten texts (and not only), decipherment of hard-to-read texts. Each document or text is subjected to complex analysis by a team of linguists and philologists. The texts go through several stages of verification by several specialists.

7.  Restoration, reconditioning and conservation-restoration, reconditioning, and conservation of documents, books with an initiating theme by specialists in the field with extensive experience and based on practical work in Museums and Archive institutions around the world. Each time, after a complex analysis, our specialists will develop an action plan for the best methods of restoration or conservation. This plan will be presented to the client and if agreed, the necessary actions will be implemented.

8.  Graphic design services - Webdesign and maintenance of web pages for Lodges and Orders. Our graphic team is specialized in graphic design, logo design, packaging, book cover designers, page layout, digital illustration, typesetting, prepress production, typographic design other graphic materials with Masonic themes in a collaborative approach to working with clients. Before designing or developing anything, our team first take time to ask questions and actively listen to the collective voices behind a given project to fine-tune aspirations, hone objectives, and develop a shared language—setting the stage for us to create design that is thoughtful, responsive, and successful.​ Each client is treated individually, the end result resulting from the strict collaboration and follow-up of his conditions and wishes.


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