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"Scripta Masonica" is an independent project that brings together specialists from different countries to study Masonic archives. The results of these studies will be published in the

"Scripta Masonica" Annual Journal

which will be accessible within the periodically organized symposiums and also will be available online in our virtual library.

Archival and Paleographic research   |   Translation and transcription studies

what do we do

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We do what we love: we study Masonic archive documents and then try to present them to the public.

At the same time, we set up the Scripta Masonica Archive within which we keep the recovered materials. Thus, we are conducting a permanent campaign to track down Masonic documents wherever they may be.

what do we offer

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We offer the chance to get acquainted with the Masonic archives but also with the studies undertaken by our specialists.

We also offer support all those interested in archival research, with transcriptions, decryptions and translations of documents.


annual journal

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This publication will include reviews in English, Romanian, German and Russian. Anyone can subscribe following the end of each year to receive a copy of the journal along with a book in the masonic field and a  folder containing high resolution facsimiles of the most exciting documents discovered during the course of our research.

 Registration For Scripta Masonica Annual Journal

Is Now Open!

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Our Belief

There are no secrets. There is ignorance. 
There are no closed doors. Some people cannot open them.

Sciencia potentia est.

Francis Bacon

Board Committee


Historian, archivist, independent researcher.


Specialized in the archival study,

East and Central European Masonic history. Author of books on history of freemasonry and numerous scientific articles dedicated to the archival research and the use of masonic documents.


He has researched in libraries and archives in the UK, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Germany and Poland.

Alexandru Rufanda

Founder & President

- London, United Kingdom


Director of National Romanian Research Center for Freemasonry Studies.


Historian, a specialist in the archival study, encyclopaedist, author of numerous scientific articles and books dedicated to the history of Freemasonry.


He has researched in libraries and archives in Romania, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Vatican.

Horia Nestorescu-Balcesti 

Honorary President 

- Bucharest, Romania


Head of the Manuscripts Department of the Russian State Library.


Encyclopedist, consultant, leading specialist, historian, Russian encyclopedist and archivist, specialized in Freemasonry history, a doctoral candidate in historical sciences. Author of countless scientific articles and books dedicated to the history of Freemasonry.


He has researched libraries and archives in Russia, Ukraine, France, USA.

Andrei Serkov 

Honorary President

- Moscow, Russian Federation


Historian, symbologist, ritualist.


Independent researcher, has published articles and books on Freemasonry and other initiatory orders.


Specialist in digitalization and preservation of archival fonds, digital archives, has worked with public and private masonic archives in Switzerland, Germany and Romania. Trained designer and communications specialist.

Mircea Bucin


- Bern, Switzerland

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